In order to successfully run ‘ Our Divi Layouts ‘ on your website your server environment will have to meet certain PHP and WordPress minimal version requirements.


→ PHP 5.4.X or higher

→ In order to install our Child Theme or Layouts, you must first Purchase Elegant themes Membership and Download Divi theme.

→ This Divi Layouts is fully compatible with Divi v4+, just make sure that you’ve installed the latest version of Divi theme. Some features may not work correctly if the Divi theme version is less than v4.3.2.

Files With Product:

→ Upon purchasing this layout pack, you will receive a product zip file containing 1 .json file and .txt file with Information and License.

‘ Supplementary Zip ‘ will include supporting document like [‘ Installation Guide Files ‘ ] 

1. Make sure you have the latest “ Divi Theme installed “ and activated
2. Import product ‘ Library Layout (.json) File ‘ or ‘ All_Style ‘ Json file whichever is applicable under ‘ Divi -> Divi Library -> Click Import & Export
3. After importing JSON files ‘ Go To – > Divi Library ‘ and you will see layout you imported like below:
4. Go to Pages → Add New and give your page a title

→ Click on Use ‘ The Divi Builder ‘

→ Click on ‘ + ‘ Icon -> Go To “ Your Saved Layouts

Select one that you want to load on your page and import.

5. After selecting the layout ‘ Publish Page ‘ and see at the front end.

6. Wait until the layout is imported (it can take up to several minutes) Don’t forget to publish/save your page.
7. All icons and images will be automatically imported with the .json file
CSS Code:
The code or text module with CSS code is used in the layout and you will find all ‘ CSS ‘ code in this module only.
Products’ Images :
For the best experience, I recommend using product images with transparent background in PNG format.

FAQ or Help Guide

Click Here To Visit FAQ or Help Guide Page .

Installation Video Using Divi Library

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